Friday, July 15, 2011

Hello, it's me!

Urban Outfitters dress / Betsey Johnson (from TJ Maxx) belt / Tory Burch sunglasses / Rebecca Minkoff MAC / necklace from Rose and Raven / Steve Madden sandals
After a day of running around and catching up with Ohio friends, I'm finally back to settle for a minute before heading out again to see my grandma. That's the trouble with coming home every six months--I've built up a lot of people to visit.

Anywho, just thought it would be nice to show my face (and outfit!) on ocassion. After all, how credible can someone be, attempting to dish out style advice, when I could just be chillin in a Snuggie and pajama jeans 24/7?

So, I convinced my mom to take a few pics before she mentioned "our neighbors must think we're crazy" (as if watching us run around catching chickens isn't already a sign), so I didn't realize I forgot to smile. Blogging is serious business.

Have a great weekend!

I didn't make these.. but I wish I did!


VLM. said...

You look great, the print of that dress is wonderful! Thanks for sharing, and have a great day!  xoxo, Veena <3

Sara Hinton said...

Your blog is so cute! Thanks for following and commenting on mine the other day. I lived in Brooklyn from January 2010 to May 2010 and miss it TERRIBLY! How you ever gotten coffee at Gorilla Coffee? Anyway--it's nice to connect!

Aleya A said...

aww gorgeous dress :))

sarah rose said...

love the outfit! where are your friends from in ohio? i was raised in cleveland but live in columbus now... and i'm staying in brooklyn for a month! :) yay ohio fashion bloggers!

sarah rose

Joey said...

"(as if watching us run around catching chickens isn't already a sign)"  LOL
I nearly always take my outfit shots within the comforts of my home. Too self-conscious, otherwise.
I love your dress! I like how you cinched in the waist with the belt.

lightssobright said...

Haha yes! My parents just let their chickens run around the yard, but sometimes they wander to the neighbors' house and we have to chase them down like crazy chicken wranglers:) This dress has an elastic waistband already, so I like to belt it to look a little more polished. Thank you for stopping by!

xx, Melanie

lightssobright said...

Thank you! My parents live in the Toledo area:) Ohio, represent!

xx, Melanie

lightssobright said...

Yes! I live just a few blocks away from Gorilla Coffee. Just far enough to not be a daily addict, haha.

xx, Melanie

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