Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Watchlist: Mustard

It finally feels like fall!

For me, the most quintessential indicator of Autumn's arrival is the changing of the leaves. The tree outside my living room window is starting to tinge yellow, which reminds me of the color I'm most excited to rock this season..

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I know what you're thinking--yes, that took a long time to make. I also know what else you're thinking, and you are so welcome for bringing this underdog of colors to your attention.

Note the beautiful bevvy of skintones above. From fairly dark (Dior) to obscenely pale (tie between Hermes and Gucci), mustard looks rockin on each and every one of them. I also love that this color can be totally in your face but still not overwhelming, and creates a dramatic statement in both head-to-toe yellow or as a peek of hued tights.

Don't have any mustard pieces in your closet (neither did I!)? Here are a few picks I think you'll love:

Seychelles "Clue" heels, $130 at Zappos
Perfect-fit long-sleeve crew, $20 (was $25) at J.Crew

Cable-knit scarf, $32 at Topshop
Are you into mustard this fall? What are you most looking forward to?

1 comment:

VLM. said...

Gorgeous post, mustard colors have got to be the best for this season! I love those picks too. Reading your blog is such a pleasure and I love your writing, I'll be sure to visit more often!

xoxo, Veena

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