Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Splurge and Steal: Free People vs eBay

Sheila B. Horus pendant, $218 at Free People
Falling in love is not something I do often.. especially with accessories.

Actually, scratch that--that's a blatant lie. Especially when I spotted this falcon necklace, modeled exactly after the pendant of the Egyptian god Horus that was found in King Tut's tomb. We've gone over the fact that I'm a dork, right? Good. Anyway, I nearly cried when I found out it was more than $200--also known as 1/4 my rent.

However, with my super sleuthing skills, I've found an almost-identical replica.. for less than $30.

Horus necklace, $20 (plus shipping) on eBay (there are 6 more available!)
These necklaces are even made of the same material--brass and enamel. And both are handmade (cheaper labor in Cairo?). The beaded chain is different, but surely not worth the extra $190. There's even a tiny shot of it in a Free People promo video (at 1:04.. listen, I get obsessed with things) that makes me feel like any differences here lie in better photography at FP. Maybe someone can enlighten me here?

Regardless, I'm so glad I've found this less expensive version and am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Have you ever had a similar experience where you've gotten something possibly pricey on the way, way cheap?


Carlinn said...

Wow good find, it looks identical!

joy white said...

Well done, Melanie! I love the necklace and lovin' the fact that you bagged yourself a fantastic deal.
Step away from the rip-offs...:)
Joy x

Castle Fashion said...

Holy snazzles. They look almost exactly the same too :X That's definitely a bargain. I've never had such an experience. Usually the things I think really pretty are too unique to be duplicated :/ But congrats on finding this and I can't wait to see how you style it.

Castle Fashion

Mandy Crandell said...

They look just alike!  Great find!  This is kind of how I got into making my own jewelry.  Either I couldn't find what I wanted or things were too expensive.

Sabrina Kwan said...

I'm definitely one for cheaper imitation pieces. Though the term 'knock off' comes to mind for some people. Alright, I'll stop being so technical and just congratulate you on this awesome bargain! It's a gorgeous necklace nonetheless.


Sally Miscioscia said...

The resemblance is uncanny! congrats on your successful purchase :) 

i love your blog, i am following! check mine out?


Laura said...

Lovely find!I love Egyptian style!

Chloe said...

Thats a great alternative it looks almost exactly the same!

lightssobright said...

Very cool! I feel the same way--I spend hours searching for a specific piece I have in mind, but can never find it. I've always wanted to learn how to make jewelry:)

xx, Melanie

lightssobright said...

Haha thanks:) I guess everyone is actually ripping off of the ancient Egyptians for this one--it's a King Tut original!

xx, Melanie

KK210 said...

I am about to purcahse mine on ebay!! (ps.s did you use the money bookers pay method?)How is it? I am obessed but the price is insane @ FP!

Alison Strieker said...

I love this. My sister got me one as a gift a few years ago. She finds the best stuff. I saw it on FP and emailed her the link. We weren't surprised. FP also sells Kenyan Kikoi cloths for more than 10x as much....kinda sad for these countries, actually.

:/ said...

oh man. my boyfriend just bought a "vintage" version of this exact necklace for $95 in D.C. for me and I feel like maybe we've been fooled....she said it was 1960s made in Cairo, but it looks identical to that second one.

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