Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Loves to get naked

Urban Decay 'Naked' 12-shadow palette, $48 at Sephora
I'm not cool enough to get my favorite makeup palettes sent to me for free (yet), but I did pick up this dandy in Sephora the other day and can not get enough. I was just looking for a simple gold, but as soon as I spotted this multi-shadow beauty I had to get it. It's incredibly diverse for a range of neutrals, featuring shimmery and matte shades, both light and dark. I'm just so pumped to pretend that I have makeup skills, haha.

So far, I've been rocking "Half Baked," which is the perfect gold for my Rihanna/Beyonce blend skin-tone. I also love "Sin," a shimmery pink champagne, in the corner of my eyes to brighten the whole look.

What brand/color eyeshadows do you prefer?


Roberta said...

great blog! ;) I like it!!!


Candy said...

I've been eyeing this palette forever!!!! I love the colors!  I usually stick to Body Shop, Urban Decay, and Nars.


lightssobright said...

If you can.. get it! When I get back to Brooklyn I'm tossing all of my other eyeshadows that are covered in this palette, haha.

xx, Melanie

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