Thursday, March 4, 2010

meet spike

This is Spike, the latest addition to my shopaholic nature. He's from an amazing Gilt sale featuring Noir jewelry. I'm in love!

According to Noir, his real name is Pete, but that was in a former life. My nails should be painted a beautiful deep purple, or something equally hardcore. Nude nails just don't quite do Spike justice. You win, retail job.

I'm also severely falling for this Octopus ring!

I did some extensive research on Spike/Pete before purchasing, and a part of me feels that someone, Gilt or Noir, is passing off a less expensive creation as the real thing. It's hard to explain, but I can pick out a few differences from this HSN video. For one, he isn't nearly as sparkly! Is that just HSN magic, or has anyone had an experience like this from either retailer?

It's OK, Spike. It's still mad love.


Erika said...

I absolutely LOVE it!!

Erika said...

*Excuse me, I absolutely love Spike! ;)

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