Sunday, March 6, 2011

Obsessed with..

Sometimes, an obsession just goes to a level that can't be controlled. Luckily I'm not quite to that point, but if I don't get my hands on at least one of these--and soon--chaos could be near.

These are the things I can't get out of my mind:

1. J.Crew's Spring 2011 Lookbook
Way preppier than anything I own, and yet I can't imagine wearing anything else this spring.

2. Gorjana jewelry
Simple and incredibly elegant is how I aspire to dress, reflecting the fact that my life is in order. Until then, I'll be drooling over this necklace as I eat grilled cheese sandwiches and blog.

Gorjana "Taner" necklace, $60, at
3. Hot kitchenware
Following a near-obsession that almost occurred after cooking chicken parmesan for the first time, I decided that I just had to learn how to cook, because it was so easy and delicious. That didn't last long, but until I get the cooking bug again, I'd like to at least appear domesticated.

Diamond-Cut Measuring Cups, $32, at Anthropologie

Picking Pansies apron, $32, at Anthropologie

Rococo potholders, $12, at Anthropologie

Cookbook, $40, at Anthropologie
4. Unnecessary crop tops
When I watched this go down Betsey Johnson's runway, my brain shut off. I wish it were part of Pink Patch, so I could snag it for under $100!

5. A job
My freelance gig is up this Friday. Yikes! Anyone need an assistant fashion editor?

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