Thursday, January 13, 2011

Blogging Under The Influence

Listen, not gonna lie, I like to online shop while I'm one to two three glasses of wine down (Pinot Grigio for the win!). I can't even pretend that things aren't 10x more hilarious at this point (though I hope my grammar is still on point). Thus, I bring you a little segment that I will call "Things I Hope You Don't Own!" I don't even think I need to add explanations.

Urban Outfitters Squirrel Slippers
Furry Squirrel Slippers, $28 at Urban Outfitters
Own these? My heart laughs for you. Can you imagine slipping your feet into squirrels? I admit, I owned lion slippers back in the day, but at least they were hardcore. My lion slippers could totally whip your squirrel slippers.

Dolls, that is all. Oh, and don't drink and blog!

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