Wednesday, March 10, 2010

i like the way you work it

Jacket: Roxy | Blouse : Express | Jeans: (from creativity-draining retail job) | Boots: Kohl's

Change of (indoor) scenery!

Lately, I have been working my creative freedom-draining retail job immediately after my internship (10 hour days!). Most days I pack my flip flops and work jeans in my ginormous Urban Outfitters bag, but sometimes I man up and just wear the suckers all day. I mean, they're free jeans!

I'm trying to swear off becoming the jeans-and-tee girl of college yesteryear, so I generally try to amp them up a bit. These are dark rinse (still sometimes turn my fingers blue!) and skintight, and I could feel a little rebel bubbling up!

If you can't tell, I don't care much for matching my jewelry. It's the accent to my mood! Thus, Spike and the swirly 'S'-like necklace will pretend to get along.

Well fellas, I'm drained. If you follow my Twitter, you might know that I had a modeling casting today.. and I booked it! I'll post a pic tomorrow that I snapped--I wore a bunch of wigs, and this one looked like it belonged to Snooki!

Uhm, why isn't my spell check catching Snooki? Has Jersey Shore infiltrated the English language? Is Snooki a real word!? Ahh, I can't handle this pondering before bed!


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