Sunday, March 28, 2010

there's no genie in this lamp

There are a lot of things I want to buy right now. A lot. I also have many, many more important things to pay for before giving my wardrobe the overhaul of my dreams!

LightsSoBright has been amazing for helping me find and hone my personal style. The downside? I don't feel that anything I own matches my head's expectations. I see things that I love all around me in the city. I save inspiring photos from blogs, Chictopia, Weardrobe and Lookbook. I have post-it notes upon post-it notes with little style epiphanies. My name is Melanie, and I have a problem.

I've been getting this out of my system through filling baskets and baskets with online retailers, and then clicking the 'x' and letting it all go away. Highly therapeutic. I haven't gone through with a purchase in a very long time, save for a nice sale at Tilly's where I basically stole a basic black long-sleeve tee (I can't believe I didn't own one!) and a floral skirt, total including shipping = $12.

S.O.S., I'm a stylish girl trapped in a budgeted body. The thing is, this is the trimmed-down, fairly inexpensive list, but buying them right now just isn't in the cards. But, if I could afford it, here is my current secret spring wish list:

1. The perfect trench.
I was wandering in Brooklyn and made my first visit to a Burlington Coat Factory (they have more than coats?!) where I found this Calvin Klein beauty, taunting me with its just-too-short sleeves. However, it was the perfect mid-thigh length on my giant body. Old Navy has a nice one for talls, but currently only in white. Yuck.

2. Leopard print tights.
You can't ask me why about stuff like this. It just is, and must be. Image via

3. Crazy-amazing wedges. That aren't too tall.
Three inches or less, preferably in nude (I'd even do gray), but if not..

4. Nude strappy sandals.
I have no idea if I've even seen shoes that match my skin color, but the second I do, you best believe I'm snatching them up. Also, is it heightism that the most perfect shoes are always carried by a 3.5" heel? I do believe this might be true.

5. Denim jacket, chambray shirt, bright color skirts, floaty cream or white dresses/tunics, floral-print dress, leather miniskirt, pink lipstick.. the whole darn world.

I also have my eye on a vintage Coach purse.. but I'm not sharing where! That baby is mine come payday. I threw in an extra shift at work specifically for it. My shopping mind works as follows: If someone told me I could have this purse at the end of my shift instead of a paycheck, would I still want it? Answer: YES.


What's on your wishlist for the new season? C'mon, fuel my addiction!

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Ashley said...

I have the same exact problem. I want to update my warbrobe so bad because its filled with things from when 9th grade me was liberated from wearing a uniform everyday. Im under the budget of "hey stop asking your parents for money since theyre so gracisouly paying for your expensive private college instead of the crazy cheap state school you got accepted into"

Long story short..I feel your pain.I am about to start selling some old barely worn clothes of mine online for extra cash.

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