Friday, September 16, 2011

Thakoon's Fashion Week makeup look

SO sorry I've been MIA this week, dolls. I've been battling a pretty vicious cold and I've hardly been able to put together a coherent sentence, let alone a blog post. But in a medicine-induced haze, I did manage to find these two images showcasing Thakoon's behind-the-scenes NARS makeup concept and its real-life counterpart.

I adore the bold eyebrow look, which is the stand-out feature here, along with the accentuated cheekbones. The nude lips and soft brown eyeshadows blend into the model’s skin tone, allowing the eyebrows and cotton-candy hair to take center stage.


Katie - Hazel & Mare said...

I REALLY want hair that color. And brows like that. And skin like that. Yep, pretty much everything in that photo :)

lightssobright said...

Haha, right? Well, except I'd look like a clown;) I have been seeing a lot of women with dramatic hair colors lately--yesterday a woman had fuchsia hair, and I don't think it was a wig! So amazing.

xx, Melanie

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