Thursday, July 7, 2011

Violent Lips Temporary Tattoos

violent lips temporary tattoos
violent lips temporary tattoos

Would you consider temporary tattoos.. for your lips?

Violent Lips gives edgy vixens another opportunity to decorate the face with 50+ anything-but-boring designs. Applications, which I liken to Minx for your face, come in packs of three for around $15 and last 4-8 hours. Its YouTube video makes the process look pretty simple, too.. what do you think?

I definitely think I could get behind this pink leopard print (which is incorrectly named cheetah-print.. remember the difference?) for a concert or party night!


Anonymous said...

We are simply grateful I ran across this excellent blogs! You are absolutely good!!
I really want other people will feel just like you and me! Keep up the great posts I'm reading you now hahah

G. said...

I've never seen that before - but no way - I'll never do that! haha, crazy women

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