Friday, June 17, 2011

Stylish Blogging

The lovely Joy of Alex Drake Vintage sent this Stylish Blogger award my way. Thanks a bunch!

Now I have to think of seven random facts about myself.. hmm!

1. I can't wink my right eye. I can't cross my eyes, either. I just look crazy trying.
2. I have a bookmarks folder called 'Future' where I save advice/ideas/pictures of things I want for my future home, wedding and children.. even though those things are years away!
3. I am 5'11, and I have a 36" inseam. That means it's really, really hard to find jeans that fit! I also wear a size 10 shoe, which I lovingly refer to as "size ugly."
4. I have a horrible memory. Probably the worst you'll ever encounter, short of Alzheimer's. It takes patience to be my friend.
5. My dream home/wardrobe could be ripped straight from any Anthropologie catalog.
6. My favorite color is cerulean.
7. I am currently a freelance writer, but my dream job is to be an accessories editor!

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