Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Forever loving Alexis Bittar jewelry

Swarovski-crystal encrusted gold cuff from the Miss Havisham collection, $225
Sorry it took me so long to pick back up, but I will be posting regularly again. I'm still in Florida (where my dad lived), so posts might be shorter until I get back to Brooklyn at the end of the week. Thanks for all of your support, it really means a lot to me.

Back to the bloggy blog.. if I were only allowed to wear jewelry from one designer ever again, Alexis Bittar is hands-down my pick! There is something so elegant yet semi-undone about everything he creates. I want all of it!

Also, don't get confused--Alexis is a (rather good-looking) man. His glamorous statement pieces frequently adorn the Gossip Girl stars and were often found gracing the Sex and the City ladies (Patricia Field is a big fan!).

Which is your favorite? 

Duchamp gold hoop earrings from the Elements collection, $175
Flora gold gem-encrusted bracelet from the Lucite collection, $450

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