Friday, May 13, 2011

A break from tradition

Although street style shots aren't de rigueur* at LightsSoBright, my boyfriend and I found a bajillion beautiful spots in my neighborhood and couldn't help but to take pictures all over the place.

maxi dress

maxi dress

maxi dress
Aqua dress, BDG bag, Tory Burch sunglasses
Yesterday was a beautiful, slightly breezy Brooklyn day, perfect for a trip to the park. The maxi dress shielded my legs from the occasional chilly gusts of wind, and I'm absolutely in love with the crochet details on the back. Also, everyone should own a giant bag they can possibly live in, should the need arise.

Would you like to see more outfit shots as an occasional feature?

*I actually only have a slight clue what "de rigueur" means, and it's probably incorrect here, but I like French, so hey.

1 comment:

Lazy Girl said...

I was totes gonna ask what "de rigueur" meant in that context lol! Love the maxi dress and the bag is super cute!

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