Monday, December 20, 2010

LightsSoBright, redux

When we last spoke, I was stuck at an identity-stealing retail job (No makeup! No nail polish! No piercings!), ending one editorial internship while starting my style editorial internship with a New York magazine and taking on a freelance editing position (phew!).

Now, I've been living in Brooklyn for a little more than a year, I do a little more shopping than dreaming and I finally own a trenchcoat (so NY!). After seven months, I left my style internship last week in order to fully focus on my future and how to get there. I'm still freelancing (gotta eat!), but I just can't wait any longer to begin my career.

So now, we enter LightsSoBright: Phase Two. I won't be taking outfit shots (like I was all that great most days, anyway;D). Instead, I'll be reporting on my favorite things, happenings in New York and the fashion world and whatever catches my shinysparkly fancy.

I mean, I'm constantly Internet shopping/budgeting/browsing/tormenting myself, anyway. I may as well pass the goods on to you!

Fingers crossed for greatness!


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